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I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.
- (Ashleigh Brilliant)

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Answered: Traveling by Air or by Land Or by Water?

I don't usually travel by water, but use cars, taxis, and buses to get around every day. I travel by plane, of course to cross the ocean. I guess I feel safe everywhere. I trust that safety measures ...

Commented: About ~American~~Patriot~'s answer

How do you do it, American Patriot? You come up with good answers so often; it's great -- and nice of you!

Answered: How do you stay warm?

Funny you should ask. I'm sitting in my dining room at the table, with a fleece vest, fleece jacket, scarf, tights, and hot water bottle in my lap. Oh, and I am drinking a cup of tea. At least my ...

Asked: Do you sew and make crafts?

Do you know what chantel ribbon is?

Answered: Does Facebook show the "real" you?

Facebook shows the real me, but only as much as I want to share at any given time. I'm very careful about privacy settings and about using all of the fun applications. I don't use them, because they ...

Asked: Do you play board games?

Do you remember Careers? Do you play Monopoly, Scrabble or checkers? Have you played Bananagrams?

Asked: Can you find a new place of worship when you move?

How do you find a place of worship in a community in a new town that you'll fit into?

Asked: Can you afford to join a gym?

Is it really important to have a gym membership in the winter if it's too expensive?

Asked: Do you use an iPad?

What is the difference between a laptop and an iPad? Every time I ask, I'm told an iPad is like a bigger iPhone. How does it differ from a laptop?

Asked: Would you go on a cruise?

Have you gone on a cruise ship, where there were 14 floors and 5,000 people? What was it like?



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