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Answered: Lingerie

I've not used them but like Jennifer says always worth a shot and would be interesting to find out if you buy womens lingerie from that shop.

Answered: Has Anyone Used

I've not used it but I think it could be a good way to sell ladies lingerie .

Answered: What is a lingerie party and how can i host ...

I believe its where someone hosts a get together and they try to sell female lingerie at one whereby they get commission on sales made at the party.

Answered: Twitter, How do I find things to do. like list of ...

There are various directories of people too which might help you :)

Answered: Twitter twitter twitter, whats soo great about ...

I would say the more you put into it the more you get out of it :)

Answered: Do you use Twitter?

I do! Its a great to to keep in contact with people for business reasons and to keep in touch with friends.

Answered: Can I use horney to help on high blood preasure

Interesting spelling mistake there! ;) Sorry, I can't help you with your question thought.

Answered: Candle question

If you can't find any local shops here is where you can get some online sensual candles .

Answered: Where can I get Sophie B lingerie?

Not sure where you can get that but you can get some ladies lingerie in the UK .

Answered: Hanky panky underwear

Here you can get some designer mens underwear and some womens lingerie uk .

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