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Hardworking, genuine person. Treat others how you want to be treated. Life it too short to hold grudges. I enjoy yoga and other mediation techniques.

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Answered: Slippery ceramic tile floors

Thanks lawman. Looks exactly what I need, so I plan on ordering a bottle.

Asked: Slippery ceramic tile floors

I have ceramic tile floors throughout my house and I'm looking for a non-slip treatment that I can apply to them to help make them not so darn slippery.

Answered: What can be done about nightmares?

Meditating before bed. It clears the mind and makes peace with the mind, body soul. It's not as cheesy as TV makes it out to be. It is a serious and wonderful practice.

Answered: How long will pot stay in my system?

Depends on how much you smoked. On average, about a month, that's if you had a pretty good amount in one day/night.

Answered: Who treats lyme disease in baton rouge

I thought lyme disease could be treated with an anti-biotic. So any doctor should be able to help out.

Answered: Why should GOD be #1 N our life not #2

God shouldn't have to be in anyone's life if they don't want him to be.

Answered: I havent seen my period in four months and ive ...

You should probably go to the doctor. Sounds like you have a little one on the way.

Answered: How good is The Hunger Games?

I saw the movie, and hated it! I never read the book though. The movie was very stupid.

Answered: Yeast Infection Info

Female yeast infections can be caused by a few things. Sometimes they just happen. You can prevent it by cleaning your female parts with only hot water and friction in the shower. No scented bath ...

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