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I am trying to get anti-bullying education into the school system nationwide. Please sign petition please and pass it to your friends. Tagline is the place to go to sign. ty

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Answered: Does anyone know of any pain relief med that does ...

Thanx C-1, tried it. No effect. Can you think of something that works on nerve pain and traumatic arthritis?

Answered: High blood pressure headache

Your BP will fluctuate. The reading you got when the diastolic of 100 is dangerous. Headached do have something to do with high blood pressure and when I said your bp will fluctuate I mean that you ...

Answered: What other pain medication are there beside ...

This is a question with too many answers to fit in this box. Morphine is most often used for extreme pain and since surgery is listed as topic I am going to go with Demerol.

Answered: Depressed teen

Perhaps some counseling would help.

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