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Answered: Mirror, mirror stuck to the wall

You have to remove that mirror very carefully . First take out the frame than with help of carpenter remove the mirror . you have to dig the wall may be 1 inch and then detach the mirror with out ...

Answered: How do you repair the magnet in a shower door

Replace the magnet with another one . First make the door dry . Then repari it .

Answered: Ice dams ?

Do not routinely remove snow from the roof. It will likely lead to shingle damage. Do not attempt to "chip away" the ice of an ice dam. It will likely lead to shingle damage. Do not install ...

Answered: My closet is 10X3 the problem is the doors are ...

If you want to make it more decorative attach two plates of wood on those 2 inch space and make use of it to store your important documents .

Answered: Crown molding for popcorn ceiling see these links for good results .

Answered: Can a women become pregnant if she has sex 2 weeks ...

High chances of becoming pregnant are these days . so good luck if you want baby otherwise be careful.. go for protection .

Answered: If we have sex during the last day of period ...

If you are using a pill than how can u become pregnant . relax and enjoy your life .

Answered: Can I Still Hope That Im Pregnant.

No your are not pregnant . In case of misscarriage you will have lot of stomach pain .Your sac is also empty so no need to worry about it. Just irregular periods that it .

Answered: Can you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex and ...

If your periods turned up then you will not be pregnant . So you are safe .

Answered: My period hasn't bee normal for a couple of ...

Lot of infections is their better get consult to your doctor otherwise it will effect your utrus . Good mediicines will help you get rid of these side effects .


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