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Is Obama good enough? Or would you rather have a SOBER president?
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I'm an American, unlike Obama.
My heart and career are here.
Can America withstand the trauma?
Or do we tell Obama "Stick it in your . . . ear?"
















August 25, 2009 (Los Angeles Times).

When President Obama's 67-year-old uncle was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, he reportedly asked to make a telephone call -- to the White House. He is now being held without bail on an immigration detainer.

Onyango Obama, 67, of Framingham, Mass., was arrested Aug. 24 shortly after 7 p.m. after he allegedly rolled through a stop sign and then nearly collided with an unmarked vehicle being driven by a police officer.

Obama's immigration status is not immediately clear. The Boston Herald is reporting that the president's uncle has a Social Security card and a Massachusetts driver’s license.

Immigration holds are typically used on people who are caught in the U.S. illegally. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement filed a court document that said that Obama had an earlier deportation or removal order, according to the Associated Press.

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Tadpole, your harshest games have failed. Of what have these deviance's you availed? Your employer takes a most dim view. Of the porno that you spew.

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Bitter fool Tadpole, is it hard to guess? You would force us all to retrogress. To slavery, Islam, child abuse . . . that horrid mess. What demon does your mind possess?

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Tadpole and her ridiculous porno. Hopes to shut down AOLA. Will not do it, pro reforma. So what if that fool is gay?

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Truman suffered impaired judgment. Much too drunk for rational thought. Should have stayed playing piano. In that Kansas brothel where he was caught.

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Democrats have some strange thought. They are prudes, we are not. Bitter and angry Dems remain. That puts them in eternal chain.

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There's no last word in diplomacy goes the saw. Every deal should come out a happy draw. Democrats foolishly every deal blunder. That throws diplomacy far asunder.

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Number the Democrats stupid blunder. How many inches in a light year? Treaties and pacts they've torn asunder. We bear the brunt and the cost is dear.

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Carter was a redneck sure to say. Peanut farmer, Democrat bray. KKK fraud face it, anyway. Foolish moves for which we pay. Antagonized Soviets with Solzhenitsyn. Nixon had them ready to let the ...

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Vain the Democrat machine and sour notes. Always bitter when Americans come to fore. Cubans come here in makeshift boats. And democrats treat them like a whore. Immigration reform is the key ...

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Democrat pork barrel just plain waste. A boondoggle here and failure there. It comes down to logic, not to taste. Are the Democrats heads full of air?

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