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Is Obama good enough? Or would you rather have a SOBER president?
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I'm an American, unlike Obama.
My heart and career are here.
Can America withstand the trauma?
Or do we tell Obama "Stick it in your . . . ear?"
















August 25, 2009 (Los Angeles Times).

When President Obama's 67-year-old uncle was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, he reportedly asked to make a telephone call -- to the White House. He is now being held without bail on an immigration detainer.

Onyango Obama, 67, of Framingham, Mass., was arrested Aug. 24 shortly after 7 p.m. after he allegedly rolled through a stop sign and then nearly collided with an unmarked vehicle being driven by a police officer.

Obama's immigration status is not immediately clear. The Boston Herald is reporting that the president's uncle has a Social Security card and a Massachusetts driver’s license.

Immigration holds are typically used on people who are caught in the U.S. illegally. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement filed a court document that said that Obama had an earlier deportation or removal order, according to the Associated Press.

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Commented: About Anonymous's answer

If Obama's in office (I have my doubt). Obama will be sheepish and write in a scrawl. All failed promises, and "National Gout." Slow the Democrats to a hopeless crawl.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Obama is still an empty chair. Has been since debacles of 2009. There's new hope and energy in the air. November '16, and things will be fine.

Commented: About PGroot's answer

Obama's SOTU Address was a loser. Covered no new ground, too much cliche'. Sober minded leaders are clearly a soother. They get the PEOPLE to work together, eh?

Answered: Who will deliver the SOTU address in Jan. 2016?

Romney will win the 2016 election. The Democrat losers don't stand a prayer. We don't tolerate their tombstone-vote action. Remedy and Romney are in the air.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Your idol Obama from Kenya has clay feet. Republicans now hold the Senate and House. We're making the nation once again sweet. And Democrats had best stay silent as a mouse.

Answered: Obama's State of the Union Address

Bitter Obama has always been wrong. SOTU proved why that still is. Nothing made sense, leftist singsong. And Obamacare failed -- hopeless as-is.

Commented: About David Palmer Jr.'s answer

Islam is brutal on women and kids. Because their men are so cowardly. Does it seem that they're on the skids? Or that they only act frowardly?

Answered: Who do you think is Babylon the Great, in Rev.18 ...

Babylon has made itself an idolatrous whore. Situated in present-day Saudi and Iraq. Their former cult of child killers, Moloch and more. Showed Islam is still a cult of mind-shot wrecks.

Answered: The great whore of Babylon--where Rocmike was ...

Islam is a cult of hate. It exists on lies and bitterness. That is what they chose for their fate. No Muslim is exempt from that business.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Bitter leftists hope their hate. Will somehow get them followers. Too bad leftists and their dismal fate, Gets them only the lowest bollixers.

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