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I'm an American, unlike Obama.
My heart and career are here.
Can America withstand the trauma?
Or do we tell Obama "Stick it in your . . . ear?"
















August 25, 2009 (Los Angeles Times).

When President Obama's 67-year-old uncle was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, he reportedly asked to make a telephone call -- to the White House. He is now being held without bail on an immigration detainer.

Onyango Obama, 67, of Framingham, Mass., was arrested Aug. 24 shortly after 7 p.m. after he allegedly rolled through a stop sign and then nearly collided with an unmarked vehicle being driven by a police officer.

Obama's immigration status is not immediately clear. The Boston Herald is reporting that the president's uncle has a Social Security card and a Massachusetts driver’s license.

Immigration holds are typically used on people who are caught in the U.S. illegally. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement filed a court document that said that Obama had an earlier deportation or removal order, according to the Associated Press.

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Lying leftists and their games. Too bad that they always fail. They call people dirty names. And then they wind up in jail.

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Bitter greedy leftists feud. How your cult of mules must bray. Islam the whore of Babylon lewd. All proved that they are that way. Pity Islam's that corrupt. This fool's cult is that obscene. No ...

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Bitter leftists pose for porn. Their Muslim cult commands it. That is why both sheep were shorn. And the world has canned it.

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Leftists left their hippie phase and they then went greedy. Some stayed in mental homes too long and only went seedy. Pity leftists hate the poor and they made good folks needy. Leftists screw up ...

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Weak-minded leftists the hippies of yore. Too bad their IQ's are that of a carrot. So what, they lie and act like dumb whore. Islam is at fault -- and you should share it.

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Muslim sex perverts are all the same. Taqiyya is their code of stupid lies. No wonder their gods are all stuck in infame. Pity this bitter cult cut down to size.

Answered: Who is this Muslim child molester Rocmike, and ...

Bitter old fascist screams hate day and night. Clearly an LSD trip that went wrong. Hippies and their blind hate still a blight. Their prison sentences due and quite long.

Answered: Rocmike hates women and molests children.

Democrat folly has long been their undoing. Obama placed in abeyance, woe betide. America healed to a point by good doing. And proved with Republicans America still side.

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Bitter old fools and Democrat racists. How soon these lunatics lose all their power. The '14 election gained the Republicans stasis. Proved Democrats preach only grapes that are sour.

Answered: Rocmike hates women and molests children.

Ridiculous leftists and lies they attend. Pity these bigoted and dirty fools. Leftists preach lies and racism no end. And fail to make up any new rules.

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