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Answered: Midnight the vampire tv series it went off the air ...

Are you referring to 'Moonlight' the vampire tv series? If, so, what is your question?

Answered: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, espisode show name

I love that episode, and yes, it is 'Normal Again.' It kind of freaked me aout a little though because if you though too hard about it, you'd start to wonder which is the true realty.

Answered: What happened on bufy the vampire slayer between ...

If Angel experienced one moment of pure happiness, the gypsies spell would be broken, he would lose his soul and become evil. Lovining Buffy completed brough Angel happiness. Also, Angel was getting ...

Answered: Good vampire books

Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles are the books that all others are defined by. She'll lead you by the hand to a world that will forever change you.

Answered: Vampires falls in love with a human

Are you referring the series Moonlighting where she was kidnapped as a little girl and Mick St John, the vampire, saves her. Later, in adulthood, she falls in love with him?

Answered: Who played Angel's father in the vampire tv series ...

J. Kenneth Campbell J. Kenneth Campbell's acting career has taken him from Broadway to feature films and television. On television, Campbell has appeared in Commander in Chief, Frasier, Angel ...

Answered: What is the name of a movie about a vampire?

Wow I thought I saw every vampire movie on the planet and I honestly have no idea what you are taking about. I hope you find your answer.

Answered: What legends go along with vampires and ...

There are many legends that can be applied here from immortallity to shapeshifting. Mind control, intensified keen senses. Weakend by holy water, garlic, crosses or silver bullets. In some legends ...

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