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Leftists haven't been right yet -- about anyone or anything.
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Let's remember Whose birthday we celebrate on Christmas. 

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Answered: Do all animals bite?

Charities sometimes put the bite on people.

Answered: What would you do if a person offered to allow you ...

Not if you have any respect for yourself or her. You must accept others as they are, not expect to change them or allow them to change you. You will find that you can get along with nearly anyone if ...

Answered: Do YOU Believe Stigmata Can Occur?

I have seen people in Church begin bleeding out their palms and left side while they are deep in prayer. The blood is real, there are no wounds, and their clothing has not been rigged. Stigmata is ...

Answered: What did ancient romans eat?

They also atethings we consider disgusting. Mice, offal, fish that had been dead for several days, and back then, the only real means of food preservation was salting. Still, they made great cheese ...

Answered: Is the Cold War Coming Back?

I don't believe they want the cold war again. If memory serves, they lost Cold War 1. What would make them think they could win Cold War II? This time, they might worry that we won't play as nice ...

Answered: Can Americans Handle Sexy Car Ad?

Sexy? Honey, I have seen sexier ads for farm equipment . . . mainly because I posed for Kubota five years ago. I got more compliments from women than you would have believed. Men seemed to look ...

Answered: Are we ready to rise above organized crime in our ...

Any organization that fronts as a religion and conducts all their business as organized crime constitutes a cult IMHO. Do we tolerate Hells Angels and their drug running? No! We prosecute them to ...

Answered: How do you report a corrupt church

With all the reports of corrupt Mosques, caches of stolen and smuggled military weapons, suicide vests, illegal drugs, lists of eight year old girls for sale, and lots worse, then I'd say that the ...

Answered: Would YOU Buy X-Rated Lingerie for a 7 y/o?

Islam allows concubinage on average at eight years old. The man may be any age. Sex follows marriage within the hour and is fatal in 1/3 of the cases. Where Islam allows concubinage, slavery, drug ...

Answered: What's YOUR Reaction to the Atheist Billboards?

The only religions on this planet that deny others any freedom of thought are atheists and muslims. In either case it is always a compulsory state religion and not to belong can get you killed. I ...


Melvin Whitcombe says:
"Your posts are quite reassuring. The wisdom of The Eternal has reached all of good character. There are none so wise as they who have not been instructed but act aright, and there are none so kind as they who inspire kindness. You have done both, admirably. Peace Profound!"
Mark N Starla Trania says:
"Typical right wing cut and paste racism! "
Harley Spirit says:
"Yo, Southern! Good to see some sense and kindness in this gang of lunatics. With you around there is hope after all."
Morgan says:
"It is so very good to find people who understand what we are up against with Islam and terrorist organizations in our country. I have a personal fight with CAIR and the score is not yet settled. You keep it coming. Shy shrinking violets will not this enemy within our midst break. Lady Darko"
Pickles says:
"Southern, I really admire you. You have grace, class, and style. I appreciate your kindness. Thank you. "
Pickles says:
"Southern, you really know how to sock it to people that are disgusting. I was laughing at the answer you gave to the "
Pickles says:
"Southern you are a very wise person, I like that. You go girl. I have never heard he is the Black Hitler though. Whatever he is, I disagree with him."
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"Happy Saint Patty's day"
Lester Watson says:
"The fiery words of an artist are never those of compromise. We will not submit to hatred or complacency. To see your words reassures me that the American spirit is truly indestructible."
Leo says:
"Southern 7162, Bless you for telling me the way it is. "
IamQweenBee says:
"Hi Southern... Its been a month of Sundays since I last saw you here. I hope your Christmas was a merry one and I wish a prosperous New Year for you and your loved ones. LOL"
Corrine says:
"Southern you are one kick butt woman... I hope you have a great holiday and that you keep enlightening us in the New Year alright! Well take care :)"
IamQweenBee says:
"Thank you Southern...I hope the best holiday wishes for you and your family as well."
Morgan says:
"Like your style and like your manners. Keep up the good work. Lady Darko E."
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
""southern7162, we haven't met, but you came to my aid when I needed it, and just from your profile I can see you are a "True Patriot". I am not from the South, but my Mom is from the Great State of Texas and I am a born into the Military, so lived in the South" Sweet Gypsey "
IamQweenBee says:
"Merry christmas to you and your family and a prosperous new year"
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"southern7162 you are a great Ameican"
crmbc7 says:
"thanks for your answer on "acknowledgements" great help"
Nanadee says:
"Thanks for your post and answers. They are very wize. Keep them coming. God bless nanadee"