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Asked: Is the solar eclipse a sign from God?

What does the eclipse signify? Will you be watching the eclipse?

Asked: Why is the baby kicking so much?

Is this a good sign? What does it say about the pregnancy?

Asked: Did you stop breastfeeding when you got back to ...

What would have helped you to go on breastfeeding?

Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

This is one frightening cat indeed...

Asked: Why do cats' eyes glow in the dark?

Do you find this frightening?

Asked: Can you keep warm and conserve energy?

How do you keep your house warm while conserving energy?

Asked: Is Christmas a religious holiday?

Which is predominant in your opinion: The birth of Christ, or the family gathering?

Answered: How to know when your dogs in labor?

Usually she'll start nesting, looking for a place to deliver which is cosy, protected and comfortable. Most likely she'll stop eating a few hours before, and will seem more tired. Make sure she has ...

Answered: Can you bath dog after application of frontlne ...

You can, but doing it the other way around is better. Give your dog a bath, wait two days and then apply Frontline+. This way your dog has a chance to recreate the oily covering on his skin (which was ...

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