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Answered: Custom writing services

Or you could do your own homework. Nerds get good jobs and create jobs. Cheaters work for nerds. Think about it. If you don't work for what you have you will never have anything.

Answered: What do i do about midges that swarm on the ...

What's a midge? Unless you mean midgets. I'm assuming children or little people of some sort hanging on your porch? Maybe you're talking about some sort of bug? I have no idea. Whatever it is I ...

Answered: Tutor

I don't know what the question is. Are you a tudor? Are you looking for a tudor?

Answered: How to air brush

Not too close! It'll run. Not too quick or the paint won't apply right. Even steady, back and fourth.

Answered: What's For Free Today

I can get a hearty handshake and a smile for free. Just let them fellers into your house. Do it, see what happens.

Answered: What Nationality is Joe Biden?

Who cares? We're all screwed either way!



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