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Answered: Best place to live in new jersey?

Depends what you're looking for. Down south is more rural, northwest is mountainous and every else is in between! Also some urban areas such as Newark, Trenton and Camden.

Answered: Selling a home with out a clear title in New ...

It would be very difficult to sell a home in New Jersey without clear title.

Answered: How has America changed in 2010?

Bigger government, more regulation and less freedom! What's not to love ;)

Answered: How has America changed in 2010?

Higher taxes, higher regulation, more government control, more restrictive laws, growth of government, higher government debt... what's not to love!? ;)

Answered: New jersey population 1770s

There were around 5k-8k slaves in New Jersey during that period.

Answered: How smart is to use web site creating software ...

It's a quick and easy way to get started so it's not a bad idea.

Answered: Free Web Site Templates?

Just search Google for "free web templates" and you will have many to choose from.

Answered: Watch is a great place for watches. You can't get cheaper on the 'net.

Answered: What to put in gift basket?

It really depends for who and for what. Check out , they have a very large selection of stuff. It's more upscale but you can see what they do and copy it!



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