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Answered: Am going to philipinnes for 9 days on holiday does ...

Just show some documents that you legally allowed to travel. I think its needed in every country that we visit.

Answered: What city did buddha come from?

The place of his birth was a grove known as Lumbini, near the city of Kapilavastu, at the foot of Mount Palpa.

Answered: Travel

Try National Visas they can help you with that.

Answered: How can I be sure that what I see is what I get?

Test it firsts. I don't believe in commercials.

Answered: What is an unofficial honeymoon?

When the newlyweds didn't have concrete plans on where to go and what to during their honeymoon period.

Answered: Where can i chance rusian money in indonesia

In the bank or in the forex when you are in the airport. There are money exchange stores there too.

Answered: Why is Educational Tours important?

You learn and enjoy at the same time.

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