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Happy New Year to all and all a good night. Live Free...

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Answered: Concerning the Health Care Bill recently passed ...

Don't worry about reading it. The house and the senate didn't read it either. See as you go. Wait till it kicks in, old people beware. Good like fining doctors that take medicare. All the rates are ...

Answered: Which president made the greatest impact on ...

In my life time it would be Regan. FDR was a progressive and gave us alot of the present day mess (Social Security ect. so he is out. Lincoln we will never know how much more he would have ...

Answered: Which Musical Instrument Do You Play?

Americian Patriot, I didn't know you were a comic. Thats funny.

Commented: About ~American~~Patriot~'s answer

We did it. Now I am looking forward to Nov. 2012.. Good to see you are still around.

Commented: About Jeff's answer

Queenbee, The house control and the senate has been in the control of the dems longer than republicians. How do you think everything got screwed up in the last 6 years. Democrats controlled both ...

Commented: About validator's answer

tennisguy, Huh???????? I don't get it either.

Asked: Do you feel that they terrorist won?

With the new body scans and all the groping at the airports by the TSA, do you feel that they terrorist won? I never thought in my life time I would have to go thru what Israel has been going thru for ...

Answered: Is Obama correct in that holding al-Qaeda ...

Obama brought them here to be tried in our courts. This has nothing to do about money. LadyDarko is correct. GITMO was equipt put these dirt bags thru the trial process alot quicker and less costly ...

Commented: About shyam's answer

I betting this drilling off Virginia's coast will never happen, unless the republicians gets the supermajority.

Commented: About ~American~~Patriot~'s answer

American Patriot you also have a Happy Halloween.


~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
"full time patriot, Have a Happy Mothers Day too.. Gypsey"
Rocmike3 says:
"Patriot, I remember reading about a bunch of rowdies who, in 1776, thought King George wasn't treating them right. I concur! We would have that misery again except for patriotic souls who will not give in and have yet to give out. I got your back!"
MikeC says:
"Patriot, thanks for the compliment. I am still trying to figure this yedda thing out."
CyberToothTiger says:
"Hi Patriot, thanks for the nice compliment, I am sorry i am late getting back to you but i just found the compliment hehehe..Well, they say better late than never , Thanks for all that you do for us on Yedda, I really do support your kindness And I do appreciate it very much , Yes we will take this country back, Hopefully on Nov 2012 if not maybe sooner"
~Jada~ says:
"Hi Patriot! Here's a late welcome to Yedda! Keep up the good fight. You're great here on Yedda and we need more like you. YES WE CAN TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY! HOOAH!"
dot says:
"I can only hope and pray that you will forever stay here on yedda full time patriot, as you know your stuff-keep on fighting for freedom-and don't quit. And I'm happy you like my teeth. as she said with a smile on her face that came straight from her heart."
richard says:
"thanks there full time patriot, yes this will be a fight that will leave us scarred but in the end will leave us still a free nation,and Obama can take a ride back to kenya and join His brothers there in slaughtering His own kind, never would have believed that there would come one worst then Jimmy Carter!"
Anonymous Coward: says:
"you are a full time American"
Lido says:
"Happy to have you on my side. I love your icon."
AShoofly says:
"Full Time Patriot, Good to have people fighting for freedom. Welcome to yedda. Keep fighting!!"
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
"full time patriot we met not to long ago, but our values are very much alike. you are a true American in every way and I would like to have you join our friends and put you on the wall as with the others. Gypsey"