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I don't need to waste time and paper. I simply do it with digital signature .
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Answered: Do you choose books off the best sellers list?

I try to combine my personal taste alongside the best sellers list. Usually it works just fine for me.

Answered: What do you think about this bag?

so cute!! would definitely prefer a "quieter" color thou. go for it if you like it!

Asked: Umbrella insurance offer business

I was offered an "umbrella" plan for my business as it's the one that's supposed to have everything covered, do you think it's the best thing for my business?

Answered: What's your favorite weekend activity?

If there's a good party I love going out to do a bit of dancing! if not, I'll usually hang out with my friends and rest before the new week starts :)

Answered: POLL: Whats your favorite food?

I definitely love pasta!! almost any kind and any sauce, mostly carbonera or one with salmon and cream. yum!

Asked: How electronic signature helps?

I don't quite understand how electronic signature saves me time and money, all I know is that it's saves paper and is environment friendly. Care to explain?

Commented: About Shelly K's answer

blood test can check if you're missing on anything important that may affect your hair growth like vitamins or iron. in general is recommended just to make sure everything is ok every now and then :)

Answered: Long or Short Hair?

it's both mood and what looks good on you :) i love it long but i had to cut it recently cos it's was almost shedding! but it's fun now, i like it and just growing it back..

Answered: My scalp is constantly itching. my hair will not ...

have you been to a dermatologist? did you take blood test? did you try switching your shampoo and conditionair? i'm sure that there is solution for this.


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