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Commented: About curiousOne's answer

Hi curiousOne, She is a Labrador, I'm not sure what difference that makes (it is my first time having a pet!) :)

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My dog is a Labrador, does this mean she will be seen as an adult at 18 months then? :)


Lilskies says:
"You sound like a lovely person Mac! Nice to meet you!"
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hi Mac... thanks for asking your questions. They are things that have been on my mind as well. "
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"Hey Mac! Glad to meet you, well, sort of. You have great questions. Thanks for asking questions and getting input that is usefull for a variety of people. Sincerely, F.A.B. ~Micki~"
LovelyBones says:
"Thank you for your recent helpful answer :) It was exactly what i was looking for :) xx"