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Hi I'm Meagan Andersen from Las Vegas, Nevada. I was originally from New York but my family move here. I write articles and blogs different kinds of interesting stuffs. Mostly I write stuffs about online casino, casino games, and more.

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Answered: Are the new IGT reel edge slot machines out on ...

I think they're already available at the casino floors. :)

Answered: Getting dissed online by crush

If you really like her confront her and make things straight with her. If you don't want to make the issue a lot worse try to ignore it. But if this is affecting what your friends think of you, try to ...

Answered: What is a bettor in poker?

A Bettor is a person who makes bets based on particular information, or feeling, on sporting or other events in the hope of gaining financial profit. or simply someone who bets. source: en.wikipedia ...

Answered: New us poker sites

Well here is some of the list: New Poker Sites For 2011 Lock Poker SuperBook Poker RPM Poker Sportsbook Poker Players Only Poker

Answered: When is poker coming to parx casino?

Parx Casino Poker Room will offer poker coming in the Fall of 2010.

Answered: Where is my alvar for playing poker

I think you meant 'Avatar' rather than 'Alvar'. Well you might like to include "where you are actually playing poker" in your question. Anyways, try to search for the avatar in your settings.

Answered: Poker

More like they'll be the news for several days. But like the other said, the probability will of it happening will be low.

Answered: Video poker tounaments

I visit the site itself. It seem like your link points to Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. But sadly there is no Video Poker Tournaments listed like you said in your post.

Answered: How to take music from iphone to ipod

If you have iTunes installed in your computer connect your iPhone and your iPod. The nice thing about it is that you can drag and drop items using iTunes help. :)

Answered: Zynga poker

I'm a fanatic of their Poker game in Facebook. Honestly, I learned how to play poker in Zynga Poker in Facebook. Two thumbs up!


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