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Commented: About Anonymous's answer

and driving a gas guzzling suv that the koch brothers refine the gas for - and complaining all the time about the environment. liberals are the worst hypocrits

Answered: Why would anyone ask AOL a question when one can ...

why would anyone trust aol's answer?

Answered: Why I love Mrs Obama?

She is attractive and stylish. She is athletic. She now knows to keep her mouth shut so she doesn ot display her rampant hatred ofthis country and its citizens. She no longer parades her communist ...

Answered: Get rid of AOL answers and bring back message ...

no aol answers sucks. aol needs to bring back the message boards.

Answered: Why is it Abraham was allowed to marry his ...

The law was given to Moses. Moses many years after Abraham.

Answered: How long will God talk to you without an answer?

If you are seeking God, then He has not turned His back on you. The Bible states that God will give reprobate sinners, scoffers and mockers over to their own desires. The kind of person God does not ...

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Yes I am sure zeus never existed.

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