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Answered: Telling mentallly handicapped son about death of ...

Tough question, I had a cousin who had downs syndrom and when his dad passed away, he knew and it was explained that he went to a better place. My couisin waas about 15 at the time, Everyone greaves ...

Answered: Who will stand with God

Hey Durt, Me too. I'm standing right there with ya. Jeff

Answered: Dads passing

Hi Lori, Sorry for your lose. First I would try the lawyer or person who wrote thw will and trust. Second I would contact the bank where your father did busuness with. If he did have a safety ...

Answered: Why must the wages of sin be death?

That's the rules God made from the beginning of time. However, Jesus changed the rule. Follow Him and be set free from sin and live forever. Jeff

Answered: Can non-Catholics go to heaven

Yup, Jesus made it possible for all to go to heaven, by going to the cross, dying for our sins and rising in the flesh on the third day as prophecy predicted. Jesus is the way, the truth and the ...

Answered: I am killed 3 different times. Hit by a car, shot ...

Hi, Which one did you like the most? which one did you dislike the most? Jeff

Answered: Ready to kill my self

Being in the death business for many years, I have learned that most people like yourself who plan to commit suicide are just looking for attention and someone to stop them. The true suicidal person ...

Answered: (1) Do you know that the non-profit Church is a ...

No, it is an entity of its own, just given a classification by the IRS. Jeff

Answered: May I give my opinion?

I voted for the man I thought would do the best job. I am not sorry I voted for Obama. As for those who are attacking and pointing fingers, let them take a good look at themselves in the mirror and ...

Answered: Why did Jesus died so early on the cross?

Hi, Jesus died exactly when He was supposed to according to prophecy. God is always eexact and abundant. Jeff



susan says:
"You are gracious to spend your time here, i would like to know about synthetic parrelism ,synonomous, antetheical legalism"