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Answered: Do You Have Dreams Or Visions From The Lord?

Sorry, I don't dream, never can get to dream state of sleep. Jeff

Answered: Depression

Hi Carol, I think the place to start would be the social worker who took your grandson, then talk to someone at the senior center or civic center in Concord. Try talking to your Priest, Minister or ...

Answered: How Many Times does the word Go appear in the ...

The word "go" is mentioned 1,315 times in the "NKJV" Jeff

Answered: Armour bearers

We don't need armor bearers, we have our own armor and the word of God as a sword. Jeff

Answered: What is your mission?

Our mission has been the same since Jesus went to the cross. I think it was Francis of Assissi who said "Preach the gospel at all times, if necessary use words". Jesus said in Matt 24:14 "And this ...



susan says:
"You are gracious to spend your time here, i would like to know about synthetic parrelism ,synonomous, antetheical legalism"