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Answered: Need help

Great to see your WiFi connection is working.

Answered: I need to cancel AOL service, but they told me it ...

Very easy. How do I cancel my free AOL account? We’re sorry you want to cancel your free AOL account. But we'll show you how. Keep in mind: Once you cancel your free email account, you ...

Answered: Bla?

Rule number 1 do not sleep with your friends. If you want to keep your friends in life, sleeping with them will only complicate matters. As you can see your in this problem now. If you keep seeing ...

Answered: Does anyone take Fox News seriously anymore? Or is ...

Is the left or far left any different? Both sides push their points. Sometimes "you" have to think outside the box to get an answer. The world has followers and leaders.

Commented: About john's answer

Mid-Level managers who promote individuals will tell you a different story. Only 38% of the people have a four year degree in the U.S. I know lots of underprivileged people who have suffered to get ...

Answered: Why african americans resist clinical trials

What trials are you talking about. The amount of sperm, HIV, broken heart syndrome, GRED, Bi-Polar reversal disorder. I guess you think we can read your mind. Mistake #1.

Answered: Why?

A college educated person knows what a scholarly source is v. B. S. on a message board.

Answered: Were the clintons the first birthers to say obama ...

This guy is just a repeater, not much going on in his brain. He's the cut and paste type, then wants credit for the body of work. He's a pawn in the political war.

Answered: How to pint your playing cards

When I get a deck that is not painted, I will thank you.

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