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Answered: Please help me. I accidentily deleted an e ...

Open your mail box, look on the left side for My Mail Folders. Look down until you see the RECENTLY DELETED. Click on that folder. That is where it should be. The key word here is RECENTLY. Good ...

Answered: I just boght la mer skin care samples but there ...

You bought samples...LOL. No wonder you are having trouble.

Answered: When the clock will ring for 13?

There are some real smart questions on this board. 12+1=13 or 1300 / 1PM

Answered: HIPAA and texting

That's the reason you password protect the phone. Even the police can't search the phone, no password the police can look through it and see your gay porn.

Answered: Bla?

Rule number 1 do not sleep with your friends. If you want to keep your friends in life, sleeping with them will only complicate matters. As you can see your in this problem now. If you keep seeing ...

Answered: Does anyone take Fox News seriously anymore? Or is ...

Is the left or far left any different? Both sides push their points. Sometimes "you" have to think outside the box to get an answer. The world has followers and leaders.

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