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Hey duh name is Kayla im 13 and i am new to this website so anything new just run it by me.


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Commented: About Kaylaaa's answer

ohh yeaah i havee no mental problemz eitheer maybe yhu do for exepecting meh.!!

Answered: Why is corrine's little 13 year old sister ...

Excuse mehh i dont geet on yedda soo keep mah name outt of yhur mouth i havent been or ever been on herr yedda soo forgeet yhuu!!! and i dont have mentle

Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

I respect that you like the winter/cold but I would rather be warm the fall is wounderful I love the warm fall breeze thankz for aswering Kaylaaa*

Commented: About goldengopher's answer

I like the fall also I like the way the breeze feels when im outside thanks for answering Kaylaaa*

Answered: Seasons

I like the summer because I can spend time with my friends other seasons I have school and I don't see half of my good friend because they have moved..

Asked: Seasons

What is your favorite season and why?

Commented: About Logan's mom's answer

uhm i didnt see yu commented no i nott unemployed i dnt have a job im 13 I wasnt judging I was puting out my opinion and I say but who cares what I think sorry if I made any of you mad or upset ...

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