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Answered: Why did the pussy white guy kill that black teen ...

I agree, report any posts that the spammers post here non-stop about Lee etc. These spamming trolls were the reason that AOL shut down the regular message boards and they won't be happy until this ...

Answered: Why did the pussy white guy kill that black teen ...

Thats the group of decidermyass, fauxshammity, bushdestroyedgop, and kindlyvoice making up all these racists posts under anon names. These are the same people that caused AOL to close down 5 message ...

Answered: The issue in 2012? Lyin' Lee's spam!

Lee taking names Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Answered: Who Will Stop The RightWing Violence?

Any one know what happened to that nice Black man that was assalted by the Sieu members who knocked him down and stomped on him at a rally?

Answered: The issue in 2012? Lyin' Lee's spam!

Hahahaahhahahaahhahaahhahahahahahahahahah Lee takes ownership of another 24/7 I can't sleep because Lee is posting Hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahhaha

Answered: Will We The People allow Lyin' Lee to spam AOL ...

Bingo, funny how no one wants any of those spammers on their message boards.

Answered: The teabagger party has been flushed

Like you said they were two years ago in Nov. Remember your predictions of Dems picking up more seats because the Rep Party was over.

Answered: T'baggers , how's that private board ? lmao !

You'll never know. Hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahah

Answered: Fauxshammity005 got a new tattoo DeciderMyAss ...

Don't forget to tell all these nice people about the non stop spamming you did with the people eating poop pictures you posted for hours because no one wanted to be part of your gay crap.

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