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Answered: How can you reset the log-on password

Change the password without using the only admin password for permissions, you can download a windows 7 password tool. I know Windows Password Reset 9.0 is a good windows 7 password tool. copy its ...

Answered: Login

Forgot windows password, you can reinstall Windows or reset the old password with windows password reset tool. I do not recommend you to reinstall Windows, which can lead a data loss. You can ...

Answered: How to run a disc on a computer?

If you forgot your windows admin password, I suggest you to remove it with windows password reset tools. I removed my windows password successfully with Windows Password Reset 9.0 yesterday. You can ...

Answered: Screen name or password shows?

I know a simple way to reset windows password. Download a software on the internet and reset or remove the password with it. Yesterday, I also lost I windows 7 password, finally I reset it with ...

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