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Asked: Psychological Factors and Morning Sickness During ...

Is there a possibility that the nausea or morning sickness during the early phase of pregnancy maybe caused by some psychological factors like anxiety or fear?

Asked: Emotional Condition and Spotting During Pregnancy

Does a woman's emotional condition like depression, anxiety, anger, etc. affect her pregnancy and cause some bleeding or spotting? If so, how can it be avoided?

Asked: Factors That Influence Partners to Start a Family ...

Starting a family is a major decision between partners. What may be the main factors that influence men and women to start a family at a later age?

Asked: How can playing the guitar help cure depression?

As a pastime or hobby, how can playing the guitar give emotional help to a person who is suffering from depression or extreme emotional upheaval?

Answered: What does counterpoint mean in a relationship

Compared to music, counterpoint in a relationship means two distinct individuals with their own identities, living together in perfect harmony in every aspect of their lives.

Answered: Problems on Socialization

You are more of a talker than a listener. People like that can be irritating and boring. Be a listener and talk with sense and relevance to the topic discussed.

Asked: Dog behavior during picnics in public places

Picnics maybe a great way to have fun with the family and the dog. How can you make the dog behave well when there are other people having fun also?

Asked: Coping with the death of an old pet

The death of a beloved and long-time pet can be devastating for some people. Would an acquisition of a new and different kind of pet help?

Asked: Skills of an Online Virtual Assistant

What are the duties of an Online Virtual Assistant and what skills are needed to become an effective Virtual Assistant? How can we acquire these skills?

Asked: How much does a compensation lawyer cost?

Hiring a compensation lawyer will really boost your chances of getting the right compensations for a work-related accident. How much does it cost to get one?


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