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I am currently in a mater's program at Western Carolina University for elementary education.  I am married and have two beautiful daughters.  I am working at a daycare where my children attend.  My oldest is about to start kindergarten.

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Answered: How can I apply critical thinking

I am not sure I understand your question. Are you a teacher wanting to do this with a class or are you just wanting advice for your own personal life? If you can answer these questions I can better ...

Asked: Kindergarten preparation in preschool and daycare

How are other preschools and daycare preparing their children for kindergarten. This is applicable to all countries not just the U.S. I am teacher at a daycare and my daughter goes there, and she ...

Answered: What are pittens? It was used in the following ...

Well according to the dictionary it is "a small amount" and actually it is spelled Pittance


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