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Answered: Are you Democrat or Republican?

I would also like to know what happened to OUR money! Contrary to the raging bitterness of Obama's dwindling supply of brainwashed cult followers, Obama is not a typical Muslim dictator for life ...

Answered: Is there an arabic singer coming to the horseshoe ...

Let's hope not. The braying of constipated mules is much better listening.

Answered: Do we have tree pollution http://www.livescience ...

The way leftist liberals are driving spikes into them, we must. It kills the trees, lets bugs get into the forest, the logging crews have to harvest that tree first, and then they cut out the chunk ...

Answered: The fate of enemy sympathizers.

That doesn't surprise me. Some leftist site claimed that these people were Americans and were killed at home. They were a little sketchy about the details (leftists always are) but that is why ...

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