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Wild women don't get the blues. Once you have tasted freedom, there is nothing sweeter. Get in between a Kodiak mother bear and her cub, or between an Alaskan and her freedom, and you will have the same problem.
About Joyce Peller:

I'm an Alaskan bartender.  I like it out here where it is still wild and free. 

Molly Ludwig McCaully (aka Molly Pitcher) was a saloon gal in Monmouth during the Revolutionary War.  She fought beside the men and gave saloon gals like me a good name for awhile. 

Never put it past us saloon gals to give you guys a good feed, a good drink, something pretty to look at, a kind sendoff to military training, and a warm welcome back from the war.

Saloon gals can take it and we can dish it out too.

Never put it past us saloon gals to drag you guys out of the line of fire, carry you back to safety, and then stand with you at the guns like we had a stake in this nation too.

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Okay, I'll buy obama that short leash, choke chain, and shock collar. He needs it.

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The only ones who support Obama scream God Damn America at the top of their lungs. When they do that I 86 them.

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Pete, don't let your delusions get the better of you. Anyone can look for propaganda. That is why I make a point not to read it. Too bad sugar. You lose again.

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Sadly enough for you, obama really IS way behind and the gap is widening daily. As to anyone but the Man Upstairs controlling Romney, think again. I run a tavern. I never did claim to be ...

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It looks like Tadpole is truly afraid. She should be. What I said is true and that is why everyone is smiling.

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There are only two VA Medical Centers in Alaska: one in Fairbanks and one in Juneau. They are both cut back to skeleton crews and veterans are dying in pain from service injuries. That causes ...

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Sugar, I think you lost it hon. You might want to talk to someone about why you have so much hate in you. Alaska Social Services might be able to help you but if you are a lower you might have to ...

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More nonsense. Did you have a crush on this guy and he turned you down?

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Tadpole, sugar, don't you think you could use a time out? You make no sense at all. One of these days you are going to drink yourself into a coma and no one will want to help you. They'll just ...

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Tadpole, has anyone advised you lately that you are an idiot?

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Bob Suffolk says:
"The only time the fruit of the vine touches my lips is at communion. I just don't hold with drinking. But I hold with America. That I believe is enough in common to do as we should and get this nation back out of the terrible pit of debt that we suffer now."
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"My dear, you may have a wild side but you think very clearly. I am not much of a drinker but I might drop by your saloon for a coca cola -- in a clean, salt rimmed glass, properly chilled of course."
Melvin Whitcombe says:
"Thank you for the patriotic image of Molly Pitcher. Her patriotism is truly famous, as she laid down her life for her country in a subsequent battle. As an avowed pacifist, I detest war. But the love of one's homeland such as this is the noblest calling since Heaven."