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Answered: Sexiest 90210 star?

None of the the are all so ugly, because they all try to be to skinny, and try to show off their bodies sooooo much.

Answered: Would Robert or Taylor win an Oscar?

Taylor Lautner should win because he is a better actor then Robert Pattinson is, by far. Also, since he has been acting for longer, and so much more patential, he would win it.

Answered: Why is Jacob better for Bella than Edward?

I don't think he is. I only say this though because she doesn't deserve him. He was way to attractive for her. She is sooooooooooooooooooo ugly it isn't even funny

Answered: Winehouse-healthy and topless!

i think that that she is a bad person in general. she may be "healthier" but over all not really

Answered: Candy

the company candy or what

Answered: Will Miley get back with Nick? miley doesn't deserve nick she is so mean and especially to him

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