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Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Answered: Relationships with Toxic Men

I think that every man is in his own way 'toxic' until you find the right one. We can learn from every relationship we are in, to appreciate the good things and to look for them in the next person ...

Answered: Did your man ever cheat on you?

I personally have never had a guy cheat on me... but if one ever did, I would never speak to him again and I would absolutely never take him back. This is an unforgivable thing. One can never be ...

Answered: haven't dated in a long time were should i start ...

I think that the best way to meet people is to join a club or group where you can meet people that enjoy the same things that you do. For example, an outdoors group, a sports group, a gym, whatever ...

Answered: Whats wrong with me?

This means that you're serious... and there's nothing wrong with that. Be yourself and don't change for anyone. Play sports and do what you love. Know that you're a great person and have great ...

Answered: Is this wierd??

Well it makes sense that the books and movies are portrayed differently. I think what's real though is the book. That's the real and full story. The movies are just for fun, like the Harry Potter ...

Answered: Is there a sure way to play slots

A sure way what? To win? Absolutely not. That's why it's gambling.

Answered: People ?

Thanks for telling us... this is really important to know.

Answered: Y

Yes, I agree with you. People need to learn to be more accepting and understanding, that not everyone is the same.

Answered: Getting the truth out of someone

why would she make it up? i think that if a girl is claiming this, than she should be taken away from the step-father, that she should be questioned, and that professionals should be dealing with the ...

Answered: Mother who wants to feel like a girl agian.

I think that what you want is totally normal and attainable. First you have be believe that it's possible. Second, find something that you love to do, something that requires moving and excercise ...



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