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Answered: Birth Control Effects

Firstly, you shouldn't have started your pills when you had your period. You should wait until the end of your period. You might just be reacting to being back on the pill. Anyway, I would go to the ...

Answered: How to create a library card?

Just go to the library and say that you want one... it's probably even free.

Answered: If there is a God, would he consider YOU selfish ...

Why do the people protecting animals need bullets? Anyway, I think that there are people that care and don't know what to do to help. What organization does this 10 dollars go to?

Answered: Nike Sunglasses

Here is a place that you can buy them.

Answered: My fiance and I are planning on having ...

Look, it's a cool idea, but I think that knowledge is much more important than physical practice. I would read books, talk to one another about how you want to raise your children, and what is ...

Answered: Has anyone ever had a heel spur and how did you ...

here is some information that should really help. feel better!

Answered: Flu shots

This site should answer some of your questions.

Answered: What foods are high in calories?..

It depends how much you exercise. If you eat carbs, such as potatoes, bread, and pasta, and you don't burn the natural sugars that are in these foods via exercise, the sugars turn into calories ...

Answered: I have been diagnosed with Influenza B. I was ...

This site should answer your questions and more.... good luck and feel better.



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