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I'm new and still learning, but I love to give advice where I can, and receive helpful advice when I need it myself :)
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Commented: About noticeablejewels's answer

thank you very much :) perfect advice

Commented: About Jodie R's answer

thank you for your help :) i've decided to let him get one :P and he's so chuffed, i think he loves it more than me! but i have to say, definitely worth the money, and it is absolutely gorgeous :) so ...

Commented: About czamora's answer

thank you so much, i've been searching for ages!! :)

Commented: About Kat's answer

hiya kat! i tried it and it was absolutely delicious, it was unusual though, you expect it to taste plain, but the white chocolate flavor was definitely there! i think i may have added too much :P

Answered: Do you have to be a certain age to work out at ...

i would imagine you would have to be 18, i think they do kids fitness programs and classes?? and i think the minimum age for that is 5, but i'm really not 100%, i hope this helps, i'm sorry i can't ...

Answered: I am 20 weeks pregnant and would like to stay ...

i agree with airam, yoga is a great one, and nowadays they do special classes for pregnant mothers :) i always found during my pregnancy that aqua aerobics was fantastic, as being in the water stops ...

Commented: About musclemasster's answer

hey, thank you :) i had heard of the EODD but i wasn't sure what it involved exactly, but thank you very much for your answer, you were very helpful :) x

Answered: 'Sex and the City 2' Tralor!!!

i can't wait for this movie :) however, i only managed to watch the first one not so long ago! >.< never got round to it when it first came out so had to buy it a few months back. the trailer looks ...

Commented: About Suzy_Mc's answer

Thank you Suzy, you obviously know what you're talking about! :) xxx

Answered: Help with diet

Hello Bordelon :) It will certainly help the weight come off, but the question is, would you be able to stick to it?? i know i've tried diets or weight loss methods such as that in the past, but i've ...


mousethatroars says:
"you are welcome. always follow your heart when it comes to your babys. YOU know whats best for your children. good wishes to you."
Corrine. says:
"So I assume you are a real person with real questions which need addressing sooo welcome to Yedda. I hope you find all you are looking for and more. Take Care. With Sincerest Wishes, Corrine :)"
BG says:
"Glad the 'old time' sore throat remedy helped!!! hope it's gone really, really fast!! Regards..."