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Thanks for answering. We support any ecological product, and are aware of the problem presented by diapers and sanitary pads. We're a little confused as to the connection to the question. Have an ...

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Great :-) We'll be happy to read your comments!

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You don't find her music "ever lasting?

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Awwww... I hope we're not that lethal. It would force me to reconsider my green status, if I'm personally responsible for the death of so many creatures.

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I'm sorry you feel this way. I promise you we do read your comments. Here, there and in the feedbacks. Please share any issues in the venue of your choice. Happy New Year

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I didn't know that! Thanks for enlightening me

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Yes, but what about your profile picture?


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Morgan says:
"Good questions keep um coming. Lady Darko"
Morgan says:
"You ask good questions. I am enjoying your participation in Yedda. You have my vote of confidence. Lady Darko"
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"I love your questions, but do you answer questions? But the question you post are so cool, I just think your answers would be just as great!"
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"QOTD we on aol answers enjoy your topics and would like to see more. Of the issues faced daily like ,jobs,employment,economy, and high credit card interest,homeless,social security issues faceing retired semiors."
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"Thank you for answering my question. So, as part of the AOL team, I am assuming you are a real flesh and blood person who is getting paid in real $$$? Thanks again for answering. I am surprised and pleased!"
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"Your questions are good QOTD, but I am wondering: Are you a person or a machine? Are you many persons? I like the questions, don't get me wrong, but your profile doesn't provide much information in this regard, and I am curious. Can you answer me, please?"