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I'm a happy, joyful person. I love life and people. Most importantly I love the Lord...and I'm a no nonsense person, able and capable of making sound decisions.

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Answered: California Octuplets

You have a great big heart....send the lady your address and get busy...she needs your help...

Answered: California Octuplets

Well said krd, this is so unbelievable. The young lady definitely has problems, yet everyone wants to sensationalize her story. Get the woman the medication she needs. The children issue is serious ...

Answered: California Octuplets

You are exactly correct. I just do not agree that she's capable of raising 14 children alone. Even with the help of her parents its going to be a great challenge. No, I don't want to judge her so ...

Answered: California Octuplets

And that precisely why the world has so many problems it does because of attitudes like yours....someone has to take a stand and stop being irresponsible...

Answered: California Octuplets

This is a very sad situation. The doctor should be held responsible. When he was asked to do this procedure, authorities should have been notified. This woman is mentally sick. What will it take ...

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