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Answered: Where can I find free antique appraisers on line

Some sites may give consultation for antique or estate appraisals . You can try putting "free online antique appraisal" into your favorite search engine and find something that's most convenient ...

Answered: Addictive behavors

Relapse prevention is the key to sobriety. Make sure you ask about what his aftercare program will entail. I hope everything is going well with him by now.

Answered: Addictions

Professional care is preferred but relapse prevention is also encouraged. Many find support groups helpful too.

Answered: Is it alright for a recovered addict over one year ...

It's best to consult with your doctor or even the pharmacist at the store. Relapse prevention is important for addicts to stay away from potentially hazardous situations.

Answered: How should you organize a presentation?

Make sure you have a good attention getter to start off. You'll want to explain what you're talking about and then proceed. Conclude with a short summary and end with a lasting message you want to ...

Answered: How can I cut back my alcohol abuse without ...

Sober assistance programs are available for individual or group therapy services. You should surround yourself with a good support system and good influences. Good luck with everything.

Answered: Need an auction house to liquidate clothing store ...

It depends where you live, but you should definitely look into local auction houses . They usually specialize in everything from vintage goods to fine art. Local yellow pages, Yelp.com, and even ...

Answered: Is it a good idea to start this relationship?

It doesn't sound like a good idea and a healthy way for you to live. You need to surround yourself with positive influences and sober support to help you with your problem. I hope everything is ...

Answered: Alcohol Addiction!

I hope that your friend is better now. But for others in a similar situation, an executive intervention can be extremely helpful in confronting an addict. Most medical professionals recommend ...

Answered: Is binge drinking considered alcoholism?

Binge drinking is considered alcohol abuse and can lead to alcoholism in the long-run. It's important to abstain from these behaviors to maintain a healthy lifestyle of living sober .

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