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Asked: What thoughts,habits,roles and assumptions do ...

what thoughts,habits,roles and assumptions do people need to let go because the loss of a love one

Asked: Lost email address

can't find my second email address

Asked: Why do people file bankruptcy?

why do people file bankruptcy?

Asked: My husband uses oxygen but needs ... My husband uses oxygen but needs a portable oxygen bag that he can carry and is not too heavy. His oxygen supplier doesn't want to supply one. If he gets one from a mail order co. will ...

Commented: About TrueIowan's answer

One moron parroting the other. What the hell is "smoking inner tubes" anyway?

Answered: The Israelis Have killed one Palestinian child ...

Hamas shoots their rockets from playgrounds and schoolyards, refuses to let people evacuate, and then says "Look what those terrible Israelis did!!" when children get killed. Stop hiding behind your ...

Asked: Things are turbulent world-wide right now. You ...

When the going gets tough, the tough go fund-raising.

Asked: Dog door injury

pet injury with pet doors could the door puncture a lung?

Answered: Human Rights Chief for the UN says Israel must be ...

When I read the article on the AOL main page that said the UN had accused BOTH Hamas and Israel of war crimes I knew the disingenuous anti semite would post something like "UN accuses Israel of war ...

Asked: How to install 2x6 insulation on a cieling?

how to install 2x6 insulation on a cieling?

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