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Answered: AOLAnswers domain will expire on Dec 13, 2014 ...

Mikey will have to make another 378 accounts if he has to find another site to be sick on.

Commented: About PGroot's answer

If this site really closes on 12/13, where will you be going? I enjoy reading your answers.

Commented: About cgrammer0203's answer

What other site will you be going to?

Answered: How many speakers are in the standard228ibmw

I don't know. But we have a Speaker of the House, and a Speaker of the Senate. That's two speakers . . ..

Answered: What is the punishment if your dog escapes at the ...

If your dog dog does that again, he has to go two weeks without Tadpole and her turd porn. If he doesn't then he can go without as long as he wants.

Answered: Where to buy new sneakers?

Sneakers, as in creepy low-down bigots who get in under the radar and cause trouble? Pepole like Tadpole?

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