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Tadpole, I don't care what made you so bitter, neurotic, and hateful, but that is all we can expect from typical humorless and unintelligent left wing liberals. Until you sober up or have the ...

Answered: Question for the poster that calls everyone on ...

Our disruptive leftist staff moderator has been chasing all the intelligent posters off the board for years now. Most come here, see her banal tirades, view her disgusting pornography, and never ...

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Tombstones vote Democrat, lenore-tadpole smokes inner tubes, and still suffers the delusion that Rocmike survived. Is there anything less intelligent than our leftist liberal staff moderator, who ...

Answered: What do you think of Sarah Palin's speech about ...

Democrats are always the problem but never any part of any solution. That's why absolutely no one respects Democrats -- including Democrats. Is that why they can only count on the votes of ...

Asked: first dogs name

first dogs name

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Only leftists could be so kinky. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Answered: Why do cats like to eat plastic shopping bags?

Cats don't eat plastic shopping bags, but Tadpole definitely smokes them -- and inner tubes. We can only expect so much of leftists ...

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Tadpole is as dull as ever, and still trying to chase off all intelligent persons. What a pity that she failed -- again and again ...

Answered: I'm not going to dance

Your mom and dad are the fools, they should have stopped your stalking BS when you were young.

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Above post translated Rocmike the Ward leaders are going to take us to the store since we have a new reload on our EBT cards. Hopefully they will still have fruit cup.

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