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Commented: About Derian douglas hickman's answer

What a pity that leftists always misread the law. Maybe that is why they always get found guilty -- and that for good reason ...

Answered: Court case citations are hearsay and not relevent ...

Apparently our misguided leftist is as ignorant as ever. Courts of law use LEGAL PRECEDENTS to make their final determinations. What a pity leftists are all absolutely ignorant, hence ...

Answered: What do you think about the complex situation ...

Arabs signed their own death warrant by provoking Israel.

Commented: About hobwabhob's answer

That edicous is a huge admirer of the murderer Stalin.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

The leftist Muslim Atheist poster aliases all claim they are being stalked. When you find one you find several. Rocmike you're not dead you're still posting.

Answered: Why are quality posters like Trampo and MikeC ...

American Values, you have been posting on here for a while yet you have a new profile. What happened to your old profile? Did it give yourself away?

Answered: Why are quality posters like Trampo and MikeC ...

Trampo and American Values are the same poster. Who else would make such a ridiculous statement?

Answered: Date Bruce Jenner??

You need time with Reverend Cooper in Bible Study.

Commented: About Bill Compton's answer

Too bad tadpole had such an obsession on a dead man. That is necrophilia, isn't it?

Answered: The AOL Tech Fortress interferes with everything I ...

To follow up on my previous comment, there are other AOL assistance numbers and websites out there but that doesn't mean they're free. Some seem to be AOL-approved but aren't AOL itself. Also, you ...

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