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Answered: Searching the Internet

you mean the phrases used in search engines?I use intitle,inurl and site: in Google

Answered: Achieving Internet marketing super-success ...

in 90 days?unless you have a unique idea ,like twitter and facebook

Answered: Whats the difference between MLM and Networking ...

they are almost the same thing,but MLM is not only networking mareting

Answered: WordPress Cloner

you mean the wordpress theme?I know there is a software called artiseer can do it automatically

Answered: How to make my blog retrieved in search engine ...

I know a quick way,query a new domain in those whois sites and they will generate a new page linking to your site.there is a script can do that automatically

Answered: How to add link in wordpress blog?

where do you want to add it?in post,you can add links by the editor.does your theme has a side bar?drag a text toyour siderbar and add links there

Answered: Has Google become a Cancer to the Internet?

no,the internet need SE,Google is just a big one,it benefit us a lot so we use it

Answered: How would you survive without the Internet?

I can't .Maybe we can consider building a big local network

Answered: Other than Adwords

Adbrite,Chitaka,etc But I think adwords is good enough for you can choose to show ur ads just in search result,and it is much more effective

Answered: What is Internet Marketing?

internet marketing means marketing online,promoting online

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