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If you think Obama's program is working, ask someone who isn't.
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Answered: Does Obama Deserve a Second Term?

It looks like QOTD zapped my last Youtube offering because it proves something was desperately trying to conceal. That won't dismiss the truth, my man. Once again, I give you, "Obama at the bat ...

Answered: Is the Vatican Corrupt?

If you want to talk about sheer corruption, look at atheism. Bunch of liars, frauds, criminals, and thieves. They deny the truth because they are corrupt, but that doesn't mean we should buy any of ...

Answered: Journalists Arrested: What About the 1st ...

With Tadpole sending out 50 emails a day demanding that we murder Fox news reporters in cold blood, then that explains why only bigots side with Tadpole and Hitler.

Answered: Is Homosexuality Worse than Being Proud?

Atheists cornered the market on arrogance, lying, sexual depravity, disloyalty, and stupidity. Is there something in that mess that YOU want?

Answered: Does anyone really seriously believe in this ...

The Bible is an accurate record of all that took place in Israel and the early church. We have other records that confirm it very well, and should use them. I cannot think of one reason to become ...

Answered: Hm4140 What voltage transformer does this take?

Hermitage Machine 414 is a close tolerance double-end tennoner. Would that we could afford one! It runs on 440 3 phase and has a hookup for 220 3 phase. You shouldn't need a transformer. If you ...

Answered: Religions that use sex, as a way to God and ...

That isn't a way to God. That is a way into hell.

Answered: Are the Muppets Anti Oil?

So far, I cut back on oil products in the shop, sent my guys out with a vacuum truck visiting every restaurant in the area for their waste oil, and we treat that for boidiesel. Webought it from a ...

Answered: What cults in pa do women wear all black or red

In Pennsylvania, women wear these whenever they hold stop signs at construction sites. There are also women who wear all black to get their doctoral degrees.


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