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Asked: How can I get my kid to go to school without ...

My 7 y/o girl refuses to go to school. I'm tired of the fighting. How can I get her to school without making this a power struggle?

Asked: How much money do I give my adult daughter?

I've loaned over $5000 to my 40 y/o daughter. I know she borrowed from her sister and brother as well. She has recently asked for some more money. Should I loan it to her?

Asked: Should my ex's girlfriend hang around our kids?

My ex has a new girlfriend. Can I ask him to keep her away from my kids? Is this the right thing to do?

Asked: How do I stop my 4 y/o from having tantrums?

My 4 year old child has awful tantrums. His 2 y/o brother is much calmer. How can I get my older child to stop his tantrums?

Asked: Should I allow strangers to touch my baby?

Strangers always want to touch my baby, which makes me very uncomfortable. Should I allow strangers to touch my baby?

Answered: Childminder or a nursery?

Choosing childcare is a big decision and everyone has their own opinion as to which is the best. To be truthful, there is no better option - both bring their own specific range of benefits. For ...

Answered: Returning to work or starting a business?

There is no 'perfect' solution to this one, only the solution that works best for your and your family. And remember that this solution will change over time as you and your children's needs change ...

Answered: How do I get my child to listen when I say no?

When we say no to a child, essentially we're saying two things: 1. Stop what you're doing 2. Do something else instead Which is a big ask from a child who's still only just emerging from babyhood ...

Answered: Do you feel guilty about leaving your baby?

Returning to work is a difficult decision for the vast majority of mums. Every mum wants to nurture and care for her child, but we live in an age where motherhood and working often go hand in hand ...

Answered: How do you make a child sit in a pushchair?

This is a very normal, though annoying, stage that most parents will encounter. Like all stages, it will pass. Your son isn't doing this deliberately to annoy you: he's behaving like a normal two ...

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