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Asked: Credit card for ms taylor major 5409-4097-8640 ...

credit card for ms taylor major 5409-4097-8640-6695, controller magnistrate


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dlvstudent says:
"Thank you. You saved me a lot of time. (I thought it was a woman author.)"
Egao No Genki says:
"I hope your link changes my life!!! If I put it to enough use, it ought to sooner or later."
KC says:
"I had no idea that the answer to my question would have had something to do with the Windsor castle. Thank you , now I can sleep tonight. Now where did the word MARATHON come from?"
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hi Locator. I just wanted to say hi and to let you know that I enjoy reading your answers here on Yedda. You seem like you are very knowledgeable. I hope you have a great day. "
TonyBrook says:
"Great answer Locator! You are very knowledgable! I enjoy reading your answers and the detail that you put into your explanations."
tre1129 says:
"i have read a lot of your answers and you are very knowledgeable and helpful. thanks for bringing your experience to yedda! =)"
LeslieJ217 says:
"You are awsome, Thank you so much for the translation of the lyrics. It's such a Beautiful song and Since I'm trying to learn how to speak Filipino it helps to have a translation. Your the Best."