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The unexamined life is not worth living.-Socrates
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Independent-minded, active social worker, strong on helping people see themselves when they have no perspective on their daily lives.

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Asked: Is nuclear power safe?

Do you think other countries will follow Germany's lead and disable their nuclear power?

Asked: How do you plan a barbeque?

When you are planning a barbeque, how do you decide what to make and organize it so you can prepare everything on time...and without too much fuss!

Answered: Where should a store policy be posted

Another place I see signs posted is near the front door where you walk in. On the receipts is where I always look for store policy once I'm home. And around the cash register is good, because you can ...

Asked: What books are you reading during the summer?

Do you plan a list of special summer reading?

Asked: What do you do when you can't sleep?

How do you fall back to sleep so you'll be well-rested? (and what if there's a mosquito in your room?)

Asked: Do you garden?

Have you planted your spring garden yet?

Answered: Why didn't bottom of angel food cake bake?

According to Baking911 "If you have signs of underbaking, try raising the oven setting 25 degrees F." The Food Network gave these oven tips: Allow at least 20 minutes for your oven to preheat; it ...

Answered: Can my wife file for me if she has a greencard ...

A great place to find answers to questions about filing income tax is


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"Hello auntjoan..hope your summer is going well...many new subjects added lately..however..Casey Anthony news is still flying..who got the money for the mask ?"
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"Happy 4th of July!"
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"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! ~Jada~ 2010"
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