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The unexamined life is not worth living.-Socrates
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Independent-minded, active social worker, strong on helping people see themselves when they have no perspective on their daily lives.

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Answered: Can babies really learn sign language? I tried a ...

My now-4-year-old grandchild, who is an articulate little child was taught baby sign language when she was an infant. We taught her up, down, more, milk, tree, swing, I love you, food, bottle, and ...

Answered: Ferstenberg-Florida Am seeking a Joan Ferstenberg ...

Have you tried the following websites? They might help:

Answered: Does any-one have a home address of actress ...

Try contacting Gary Brumburgh at He is the person who wrote her mini-biography on IMDB.

Answered: Willard McGinnis about 70 yrs. old.last ...

Have you tried the following websites? They might help:

Answered: How important is Integrity in rural social work

Integrity is critical in social work in any location. People's lives are at stake and the social workers have to be honest, sensitive, well-educated and capable.

Answered: Syrup in Fruit Shakes

Most syrup is made from sugar, but cooked to melt it. Then it is a syrup when added to the shake. Fruit Syrup 1 cup fruit 3/4 cup sugar 1/3 cup water Cook fruit with sugar and water until thick ...

Answered: How to contact Jamie Farr from Mash

You can try getting in touch with Jamie's commercial agent, Leanna Levy, at (323) 461-3971 or his theatrical agent, Robert Malcolm, at (212) 586-1452

Answered: What color shoes do you wear with a mauve dress ...

You might be able to find mauve or plum shoes. Silver would look nice. The other option that we used to do, is to buy shoes and have them dyed to match the dress at a shoemaker.

Answered: Where can i find a collectible item that is no ...

This seems like the type of thing that you might find on ebay. They have a special "Collectibles " section.

Answered: What is a good example of a hicoo poem? please ...

I think they're called haiku. Here is one: Going to sleep soon Slumber party Won't get a wink.


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