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The unexamined life is not worth living.-Socrates
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Independent-minded, active social worker, strong on helping people see themselves when they have no perspective on their daily lives.

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Answered: What should a parent do to prevent their children ...

The best and hardest thing a parent can do is to be a good role model to their children. It's difficult because you live your life and react as an individual, often forgetting that there are little ...

Answered: Social Security

For information about Social Security, check Social Security Online . It has a couple of different pages with information that will help you figure it out.

Answered: Where is Bob DoleHow can I reach Bob Dole ex-US ...

Senator Dole can be contacted at the law offices of Alston & Bird The Atlantic Building 950 F Street, NW Washington, DC 20004 Phone: 202-756-3300

Answered: i need to put in a change of ...

Any two of the following documents are acceptable proof of your current mailing address: Drivers license State ID card Bank or credit union statement Cancelled check Government-issued ID card ...

Answered: In use or charge light continues to blink even ...

Interestingly, the company is in India and you can contact them directly online, and they might have an answer for you.

Answered: How do I clean mold off a wool suit

I would also suggest taking it to the dry cleaners and I'll tell you why. Maybe you can help it with a diluted solution of vinegar and water....but whenever there has been an out-of-the-ordinary ...

Answered: Superman comicsI have a reprint of limited ...

There seem to be a few editions of the Death of Superman comics on ebay. They seem to go for less than $100.

Answered: I want to loose weight but i don't want my parents ...

If you want to lose weight in a moderate way so that it is not too noticeable, good nutrition and exercise is the way to go. There are many methods of healthy eating that are possible to follow ...

Answered: I'd love to have this type of surgery but it ...

My daughter's friend had laser eye surgery and she is so pleased with the results and with the experience. Have you contacted the clinics in your area to discuss payments? There may be options, but ...

Answered: How and where can i dispute a bill from acceptance ...

According to acceptance corp, it’s easy to contact Credit Acceptance to answer your question or get more information. If you are a customer, call: 1-800-634-1506


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