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" Reality is that which exists outside of your beliefs. "
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@ Brother Bill Does that word salad actually mean anything?

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If you had a modicum of education you would see that these logical fallacies you and your delusional codependents use are damning to your assertions that magic man done it. As usual, something ...

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@ Anonymous Comment " What the hell is "smoking inner tubes" anyway? " I think that is something from the 1950's. Not sure though. I am that old and I think the Tramp wants people to think he ...

Answered: Seahorse--another creature that defies evilution!

" Why is a sea horse like this? Its submarine plating and indeed everything about it are evidence of meticulous engineering. " A referential argument and a fallacy. You defy belief! " But ...

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@ Anonymous Comment " It's not the same poster--a different nutter, this one thinks these odd comments are somehow humorous. " " Trampo is a wonderful Christian. What are you smoking, TrueIowan ...

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@ American Values You are a recent sock puppet account and you know it. Whatever happened to your phony physics avatar Smolin?

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@ American Values Isn't that a bit egotistical of you? Everyone knows that you, Tramp and Whitcombe are the same person. Just how sick are you?

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@ TrueIowan I think I would rather be cousins with apes than related to that trashy friend you have. One Trampo. Lie down with dogs and get up with fleas.

Answered: What is the chemical equation for the reaction ...

Sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide? Otherwise there would be no reaction.