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"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”-Dr.Seuss

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Answered: Need a cup

Hey Bonestructure, I PMed you okay.. Please check it, thank you!

Answered: Where are The Twelvwe Tribes of Israel?

Hey Richard, I don't know what you're question is about but I just wanted to say I hope you are doing well! :)

Answered: Help with adult addict

Umm I'd act quick.. That child has a right to a good life! You have to do something! Contact C.P.S or another law enforcement agency right away... Is this child getting proper care? I know its your ...

Answered: Fathers' rights in Indiana.

Fathers have rights no matter what state you are from.. Go to the magistrate and fill out custody papers..

Answered: How to save money?

Do you have energy saver bulbs?? They might cost a bit more but seriously it saves a lot of money on your electric bill!!

Answered: Lack of girlfriend love :/

Girls are SO confusing... I know exactly what you mean there! You are true though some girls are attracted to the bad boys and the fight of things. I understand how you feel and you just may need to ...

Answered: My boyfriend is getting back with his ...

Sigh, I wish you luck there.. But yes its time to call it quits! Trust me on this one he will probably never leave her and rather than to keep getting hurt best to nip it in the butt right where it ...

Answered: My boyfriend is getting back with his ...

Sigh, I wish you luck there.. But yes its time to call it quits! Trust me on this one he will probably never leave her and rather than to keep getting hurt best to nip it in the butt right where it ...

Answered: I am 19 year old female suffering from extreme ...

Has there been any traumatic innocidents in your life? Hows you relationship with your family and friends? Whats usually on your mind when you feel this way? Hows your diet, excercise and sleep ...


Shuddupandkissme says:
"Coooooooooooooorriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!! Love you!!! )))))))kiss :o)"
Katherine says:
"Thank you so much for that answer on my book. :)"
T-Bolt says:
"corrine, I liked you made me on contact. I'm against Obama. freedom for all."
Katherine says:
"I know how you feel corrine I've been lying about my age and am sorry to everyone."
severed2009 says:
"Thanks, Corrine. I am glad somebody likes my answers. I believe that people with different political systems should be able to talk with each other. If not, we are in trouble big time. So I make many posts that could be the start of a discussion. But they rarely are. "
-O- says:
"Corrine, thanks for the Valentine wishes! Good to see you back young lady :) "Keep on keepin' on"."
M.D.C. says:
"Corrine, Thank-you for your compliment. Feel free to post when you need to, i'll keep an eye on yours. God Bless."
Mr.Jqna says:
"Hi Corrine, Thank you for the compliment. You are too kind. I find you to be very inspirational and I always have a good time reading your posts. Thanks for keeping it interesting."
gretayedda says:
"Corrine, Thanks for the help on my question. And For The Kind words. Its hard to find people like that any more. Thanks again"
dfrogpong says:
"corrine, there is no such thing as a stalker on these threads. they post people answer. its just another thing these extremists made up. there is also nothing wrong with leaning to the right in your political views. its these religious extremists that are the problem. they are single issue voters who preach hate. you dont have to agree with my political views. we will still be friends. all i ask is pay attension how these extremists operate and you will eventually see their insanity. i might not be right in my views but i know i will never lower myself to the way these religious extremists preach hate and hope for failure. i have no problem with republicans and fiscal conservatives infact i agree with somethings. its the insanity of these religious extremists i cant stand. corrine keep an open mind and learn from both sides and make your choices. there are better place to learn from than these threads. i hope you continue to post honestly and be fair. thanks for the kind words."
M.D.C. says:
"Corrine, Thank-you for the Valentine Day post, it was real. God Bless."
Chex says:
"thark yuo fore the kinder words than i susually get on hear/see yuo on the scrreen"
EJ says:
"You're sweet, and smart. It's always great to see you around Yedda, giving wonderful answers. A great friend, and a great Yeddain, it's the girl with the rose. Corrine. One of our best. (Elijah & Tuzki)"
Katherine says:
"hey corrine I love your new buddy icon it's so pretty!"
richard says:
"Thanks corrine for coming back; you are needed here as a clean breath of water /air/morale/and just plain you, stick around kddo, there is no place like home."
Sparky's Mom says:
"Corrine, You are a very pretty, very smart young lady. Stay on yedda and have fun. There are lots of people here who would love to have you as a friend. I am one of them. So don't you ever leave us again. Anna Sparky's Mom "
ddavel544 says:
"Corrine...Pretty cool video.."Here Comes Goodbye"...Cheer up, You're to young to be so morbid. Dave :)"
Katherine says:
"thanks for adding me as a contact :) "
Katherine says:
"hey pal, I love your honest answers you should be able to view my profile now by the way since I updated it, :) would you do me a favor and add me as a contact thanks. -team edward forever-"
-O- says:
"Corrine, me little militant (power to the people!) friend, keep that spirit going!"
freedomlover says:
"Corrine, you seem to be a breath of fresh air on this Yedda website. I hope you are around for a long time to come and keep up the good work and attitude."
R.A. Shipman says:
"Like you Corrine, I try to be open minded and willing to debate the different political views. I like having you on Yedda as another history nutt."
-O- says:
"Corrine, keep up the faith --you're such a sweetie and have much wisdom. Life is full of lessons and I'm thinking you'll be learning many and sharing from your expertise :)"
AShoofly says:
"Corrine, Thank you for making me a contact. Welcome to yedda. Hope you have fun talking."
Nanadee says:
"Don't know what happened to the first one i sent you ....Just noticed....I can see where your growing....Stand your ground....You have put out some good points lately.....Love ya....And god bless......Nanadee"
dot says:
"Thank you Corrine! You are an amazing woman, with all of your compassion warmth and all of the characteristics that make you who you are. You're a beautiful person Corrine, inside out, outside in, stay just as sweet as you are and never change! Love, pa's girl~"
Dawg says:
"Thank you mamaz. =o) Keep searching for the truth and you will do fine."