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I may not be Mr. Know It All, but I knew him well and he taught me much.
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I'm retired after working for over 38 years of my life. I've been to 11 foreign countries and have shared many cultures. Everything I've done has increased my wisdom and knowlege and I decided a long time ago not to let that go to waste. I read for children at schools, sit with sick people as a volunteer, and teach things I know to others. I never miss an opportunity to learn more. Sometimes my opinion is not appreciated, but I always allow that other person to express their own opinion without it causing a war or too much of an argument, because an argument is just another way to communicate with a person. Life is just too short to waste time worrying and fighting.

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I saw a headline that read, "Obama beats Weiner!"

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I think what I had included pretty much had already said what you then said. You are preaching to the choir. I think your desire to be "right" is a bit strange, but it's your boat, so you float it.

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I also have to ask. How did I become the focus of this sidewards anger? Keep things on topic. I neither created the piece of art, asked the original question, or invited your anger. Go back to the ...

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Wow! You are certainly an excitable person. How, may I ask, do you even know this is a baby's skull? Is there a story about this that the asker failed to mention, or did that asker expect everyone ...

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"Best thing he can do - scrap it and start over after saying I've heard the people....." This would be the best move he could make. He would appear as someone who actually cares and thus takes the ...

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I never see any reason for these sites to ask for your age as long as you aren't a 10 year old posing as a 24 year old on a dating site or something similar. In some I am 99 and others I am 24. In ...

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Being a "Yeddite" as you call it, I know that many answer questions to assist others. But there is no way you could ever convince me that even more don't just want to impress others. There are some ...

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Your advice is way off. Jewelry maintains value and in fact, as gold climbs, that jewelry is worth more. There is no such thing as "old" gold, "junk" gold, or "scrap" jewelry. Those are words made up ...


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