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I may not be Mr. Know It All, but I knew him well and he taught me much.
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I'm retired after working for over 38 years of my life. I've been to 11 foreign countries and have shared many cultures. Everything I've done has increased my wisdom and knowlege and I decided a long time ago not to let that go to waste. I read for children at schools, sit with sick people as a volunteer, and teach things I know to others. I never miss an opportunity to learn more. Sometimes my opinion is not appreciated, but I always allow that other person to express their own opinion without it causing a war or too much of an argument, because an argument is just another way to communicate with a person. Life is just too short to waste time worrying and fighting.

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Answered: Value of vintage gold clubs

Frank, I'll bet you meant GOLF clubs and not GOLD clubs.

Answered: Cost of brass

It's not about the value of the metal in the piece. Brass for scrap is only worth about 30-75 cents per pound. It's all about the value of the piece to the potential buyer. Brass is not particularly ...

Answered: Ididn't find my answer

Well, I didn't find your question. I guess neither of us will ever know.

Answered: Gold coin with word oto on it? anyone have any ...

There is a German coin with King Otto on it. It would say, "Otto Koenig Von Bayern."The reverse side would be a bird with wings spread out. Does that sound the same? It would be clearly marked ...

Commented: About ~American~~Patriot~'s answer

I saw a headline that read, "Obama beats Weiner!"

Answered: Do You Follow Obama's Tweets?

Not just no, but heck no.

Answered: Derek Jeter at 3000 hits: Your thoughts?

My thoughts? Hmmmm. I wonder if I should take an umbrella with me today?

Answered: OK Cutler gone~Who's next

Wow! I just noticed this question has been sitting unanswered for over 2 years! Does that say much for the donkies? Maybe nobody cares about Denver or the Broncos. Go Bears!

Answered: Where do kane county phantoms play july 22, 2011?

If I had to guess, I'd guess that besides you, nobody cares. They don't have anything posted on their website besides last years record and a single sentence begging for serious players to join. Maybe ...

Answered: Where was ron palillo at tv land awards?

He went to his cousin Rico's house the evening before and got so wasted he forgot where he parked his car. To make matters worse, he had left his wallet in the glovebox of his car so he had no money ...


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