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Not much to report.. Been myself all my life.. Always wondered why I picked me when I was born (guess I drew the short straw). I use anothernonymous because I have a difficult time recognizing my real name. It started when I was a kid, for the first seven years of my life I thought my name  was 'NO!'..Then throughout primary school it changed to "Hey You".. In high school I was ignored and college, well.. I never went to college. Then at my first job someone called out a name but I never responded because I had no idea they were referring to me. Finally on my wedding day the pastor called out this same name and asked if I would honor, respect and obey till death do us part.. I was kinda frightened that the name correlated to death (and who was this 'us' mentioned?).. I was confused, was he talking to me? Was the name some kinda curse? I had no clue yet noticed he was looking straight at me so I said, "Uh, okay".. At my social security interview that same name was called out but still I wasn't completely sure they were referring to me so I didn't respond.. at the next interview again it was mentioned again and on the third report (very loudly this time I might add) I held up my hand.. Immediately I was told that this wasn't a school, I wasn't in a class room and if I wanted to be denied benefits that I'd best get my butt up and speak to a case worker.. Fact is I didn't want to be  denied benefits but then the echo of what she said reverberated and it sounded like if I responded then I would be denied but if I didn't respond I wouldn't but how would they know who to give it to if I didn't respond? It was like a rock and a hard place so I spit in the wind and it came up "Stand Dummy!" so my expectations were low but at least they would know who they were denying, meanwhile in the cubicle.. again and again she verified my name and each time she said it I got this sour taste in my mouth.. Soon I became  part of the machine as they finally started paying me back all the money I had invested during my working career (in small portions of course) but I was still unsatisfied so when I became a net crawler I decided NOT to use a name I had never grown used to and instead decided to become an anonymous voice over the air waves then I thought, "Wait a minute, there's shit loads of anonymous voices over the internet but there can only be one 'unkabob'.." so now I've strangely adapted to a name I can recognize even though you may not.. Just call me unkabob for short Cool.

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