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Not much to report.. Been myself all my life.. Always wondered why I picked me when I was born (guess I drew the short straw).

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Answered: What makes my mercruizer 1950 loose power?

Let me get this straight.. You have a 1950 Mercury cruiser .HERE . and you want to know why it's losing power. There's a myriad of things that could be causing that to such a classic vehicle.. Unless ...

Answered: How to dominate a woman sexually?

Only if they want you to Bubba, only if they want you to.

Answered: Is lump sum better than annuity?

Depends.. If you can live on a yearly allotment then your better off as it will last a lengthy time which added up will accumulate to what you were actually awarded. If you would rather have it in a ...

Answered: How to deal with an adult child of an alcoholic ...

if you didn't know what you were getting yourself in when you married the guy, you certainly do now. There's no way to cope with this type of situation because you will never know what anger he's ...

Answered: How to cope with being rejected by family?

Move away and start a new life.. Military would be perfect then when you get out the family may have a more positive attitude toward you. Ask yourself, what did you do to cause this and if there is no ...

Answered: How long can you hold ravioli?

Until the urge to go over powers your resistance.. But don't worry, it'll all come out alright in the end (hee! hee!)

Answered: How to write barbara in italian?

Same as in English.. Pronunciation slightly different.

Answered: What happens if you drink 3 beers every day?

About the only thing would be peeing a lot. Do them all at once and add belly bloating to the mix. Otherwise you might cop a slight buzz. Over a period of many years, you could develop bladder ...

Answered: What is more popular 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder ...

Six cylinder. hands down.. The popularity has to do with longevity and fuel consumption. Though the four banger would indicate better fuel consumption, in reality it's marginal to the six because of ...


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